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Benzo Buddies pushing dangerous snake oil down throats of hapless members as Hindsight2020 does infomercial for Gabatrol

August 23, 2012

New members of Benzo Buddies wait to receive their Gabatrol, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Fish Oil, Inositol, Inosine, Valerian, Melatonin, and a host of other druggie-garbage in hopes of getting so fucked up that one day they will be added to the cult's Wall of Shame. Remember: if you live it up, you won't live it down.
Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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Okay, let me start at the beginning…Gabatrol is a relatively new Gaba based supplement and contains Phenyl-GABA which is the first form of GABA to cross the blood-brain barrier. It directly increases serotonin and GABA production in the brain. It also contains L-Theanine which helps promote relaxation. Here’s my story with this amazing supplement.

In February of this year I decided to detox off of methadone. I was on my 5th day and I was shaking and sweating all over the place. My buddy came over and was supposed to get me some Kratom to help with the withdrawal. He couldn’t get the Kratom but started telling me about this brand new supplement on the market called Gabatrol and how it was groundbreaking because it can cross the blood-brain barrier for the first time. I said what the hell I have nothing to lose, so later that day he brought over a bottle. I took it immediately and noticed a noticeable difference in my calmness and mood. For the first time during my withdrawal I was able to have a conversation and sit calmly on the couch without twitching. I instantly was hooked and continued taking it for the rest of my opiate withdrawal. I still had some symptoms, and I don’t want to give out unrealistic hope, but this supplement definitely eases withdrawal symptoms. I’m so passionate about this supplement that I have recommended it to everyone I know even if they aren’t in withdrawal. It really seems to be most helpful in people who have taken Gaba agonists such as opiates and benzos. It brings you up to baseline emotionally which as you know is a huge accomplishment during benzo withdrawal.

Benzo withdrawal: I stopped taking Klonopin gradually after 12 years of continual use. I did a one month taper from 1mg 3 times daily to 1mg every 3 days. This whole time I was taking the Gabatrol and I didn’t notice any major withdrawal symptoms within my tapering period. In fact, it was surprisingly easy as I was still working at the time. Once I stopped completely I got some major symptoms though. I was getting hallucinations, visual snow, tinnitus, restlessness, extreme anxiety, depersonalization, and shortness of breath. This lasted for around a week or so and I was still working at the time, surprisingly, although I did get fired later in the month. The worst of it really was in that first week. Once I got into week two I started getting my first windows. I was taking Acetyl L-Carnitine as well and I know this helped a bit too. I would take the Gabatrol with the Acetyl L-Carnitine and each time I would get like a four hour window. I continued doing this as much as possible as you can imagine in order to get more windows. I was able to stay overnight at the shore just two weeks after I stopped benzos for good. I was a bit out of it and was experiencing fluctuating windows but it was manageable. I was able to swim in the ocean and have a good time besides the one instance of paranoia of imagining a shark biting my leg off. I still had some paranoid intrusive thoughts but I felt as if it could have been much, much worse.

So I’m still taking the Gabatrol and Acetyl L-Carnitine and exercising regularly and I’m only 2 months out and I already feel much better. I sunk into a bad wave early this week but it only lasted two days. I was still in a funk yesterday as I try to take a break from the Gabatrol and not take it every day so my brain can rebuild the Gaba receptors naturally. My only concern with this supplement is that it could possibly prevent the brain from healing naturally. But seeing as there are virtually no side effects, except irritability if you take too much, it seems like a safe bet. I just wanted to share my experience with the people on this site as I think a lot of you could benefit from this. I just read the post on inositol and started taking that today as well. Don’t get me wrong, it was still hard, and is still hard. I still have some trouble concentrating and recalling memories. I still have visual snow and shaky legs. But this Gabatrol supplement coupled with Fish oil and Acetyl L-Carnitine has made this experience a HELL of a lot easier for me. You could argue that I wouldn’t have known what it would be like without the supplement. But let me just say, within 30 minutes of taking your first Gabatrol dose, you will know whether it’s helping you or not. I also noticed that while in withdrawal you have to up the dosage a little bit to get results. I also am 270 lbs so that is probably a factor as well. Please respond here with all of your experiences with this supplement as I’m extremely interested in seeing if other people get the same benefits as me. Thank you for reading this book and good luck on your recovery!! Much Love, Brian

1mg Klonopin 3 times a day for 12 years...Tapered down to 1mg every 3 days...last dose on 6/22/12
Taking Gabatrol (first GABA supplement to cross the blood-brain barrier!!) with much success...Also supplementing with Fish Oil, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and just started Inositol...Feeling pretty good!
Re: Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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I find this interesting….I haven’t heard of this one. If I go to visit the naturopath I may ask about it. Thanks for the info!

Re: Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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They have trial size bottles for $20 at my local health food store. A lot of places don’t carry it or never even heard of it though.

Re: Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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I have heard good things about this as well as 5-HTP, L-Theanine, Inositol, and Kanna root. There are some “mood enhancer” supplements that contain 5-HTP and Kanna among other ingredients and I heard that the effects are basically due to the supplement acting like an SSRI but it works within a half hour unlike the drug form SSRI’s.

Of course after learning about withdrawal my first concern is if these supplements are habit forming? Will they cause withdrawal too if you just stop them after months of use? And will they delay/prevent the natural healing?

Re: Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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gabatrol contains phenyl-GABA which is phenibut. I had an adverse reaction to phenibut when I tried it.

Re: Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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Well I just did a quick google search of phenibut and there are accounts of phenibut withdrawal. It does say that it binds to the same receptors as benzos, but there is a dispute over that. Yea so I would do a bunch of research before trying it. It does work really good and I’m already on it now so I will keep everyone updated on my situation. I might try to go off of it for a week or so to see how I react. I have heard other people that take it say to not take it every day and I will second that motion.

Here’s an account of phenibut withdrawal titled “mild but real” and the guy says it lasts about a week.

this is shaping up to be more controversial than I thought

Re: Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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That guy was taking GRAMS which sounds like a lot. The saddest thing is that we would all have been better off taking a mixture of these OTC supplements vs. the benzos in the beginning.

Re: Gabatrol - The Window Maker (First GABA to cross Blood-Brain Barrier!!!)
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Yea that is the sad part that we had to go through this terrible withdrawal when we could have just taken some natural supplements. It’s truly enraging.

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